Wednesday, June 8, 2011


As much fun as it would be for me and Graham if I did a post about David Bowie this post is about the changes in my own life. Its summer and it is time for me to get my act together in several areas of my life. First off, living with Chris and seeing him complete the Power 90 program and lose all that weight and get super buff makes me want to do something similar. So, I'm now watching what I eat and exercising. I would like to lose 15 pounds this summer. I weighed myself last night so I've got the goal weight in mind. Also, it would be fun to get 2 inches off my waist. So here we go, keep track with me over on the side --->.

Also, my God time habits are poor at best, so new, revamped reading plan as well as designated God time. Last summer for a month I had my phone go off several times a day reminding me to pray. The system worked well enough, but after the month I quickly feel out of the habit. So I want to try a new system this summer. I want to give God my little mindless moments, such as when I'm brushing my teeth, or shampooing my hair. When I'm boiling water to make mac and cheese, or going for an extra run because I ate too much mac and cheese. I want to make praying such a regular part of my life that I find myself praying without it being premeditated. I want to be halfway through a prayer before I even realize I've started. Ok, maybe not that extreme, but the point is that now I make little time for it, and I want to make all the time for it. I'm not going to do a counter for that, you'll just have to trust that it is going ok.

Well, friends, wish me luck as I set out to accomplish these goals. What is it that you want to achieve this summer? Whatever it is I wish you well, unless its like starting a sweat shop or getting into drugs or something.

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